King County Assessors Office inspecting Snoqualmie Ridge homes over next six months

If you notice someone hanging out in your neighborhood – or possibly knocking on your door in the coming months – it just might be your friendly neighborhood county assessor.

Per a City of Snoqualmie news release, the King County Department of Assessments announced they will be sending real estate appraisers into the Snoqualmie Ridge area for inspections beginning this fall and continuing into summer 2020.

This inspection process takes place in each neighborhood countywide every six years.  

According to the Department of Assessments, inspection typically means driving through neighborhoods and knocking on doors to gather information about any property changes since the last inspection.

In rural areas, this means driving up driveways, making an introduction if anyone is home, and walking the site to inspect land conditions and outbuildings.

Appraisers will wear King County Assessor identification and often drive county vehicles with the King County logo. Sometimes appraisers use personal vehicles, but will still have an identifying badge.

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