Kayaker dies in Snoqualmie River near Ernie’s Grove

Around 1:30PM, February 10, 2018, Eastside Firefighters Swift Water Rescue Team and the King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) Marine Unit was called to the Snoqualmie River in the Ernie’s Grove area near North Fork Road after it was reported that a kayaker had gone under water.

KCSO Guardian 1 helicopter was also dispatched to the area to help in the search for the kayaker. A KIRO TV News helicopter also assisted emergency crews on the ground.

According to KIRO News, the victim was kayaking with a group of friends and hit something in the water. By the time rescue crews reached the group, the man was deceased.

This area of the Snoqualmie River is a popular, year-round kayaking spot – and in the same vicinity where a 17-year drowned in July 2016. According to an Ernie’s Grove resident, rescue crews have to hike in to access this area of the river.

See the KIRO News story HERE.

Saturday night Eastside Firefighters offered condolences via social media saying, “Very sad after our crews worked so hard for a positive outcome. Our condolences to family and friends.”


Emergency crews and search helicopter in the Ernie’s Grove area, Saturday 2/10/18. Photo: Eastside Firefighter

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