Just a regular person doing what she can for the town she loves: Beth Burrows named North Bend Citizen of the Year

One thing is very clear when it comes to Beth Burrows: she is devoted to North Bend and making it a thriving place to live, work and visit.

Her dedication was recognized Tuesday night, February 4, 2020 when Mayor Rob McFarland named her North Bend’s Citizen of the Year.

Beth is very humble. You may know her as the owner of the North Bend Theater – which has a long history of sponsoring community events – but she also wears multiple community organization hats.

Currently Beth serves as the President of the North Bend Downtown Foundation, which plans and sponsors many events, including popular Sips, Suds and Si. She also is a Snoqualmie Valley Chamber of Commerce Board member.

Most recently Beth spearheaded the effort that moved a historic North Bend building slated for demo to establish North Bend Art and Industry, an nonprofit devoted to creating a hub for local artists to collaborate and teach. The 1924 building was once the office and workshop of the North Bend Timber Company and is currently being restored.

Fellow North Bend Foundation members posted this message to Facebook, congratulating Beth on her award:

Beth is an incredible human, and a vital powerhouse helping who continually advocates for our residents and businesses, making North Bend an even better place to live and work. Beth has lived in our community for over 30 years, raising two great kids here, has been involved with the PTA, schools, and saving historic buildings along the way. She is also the owner of the North Bend Theatre, bringing movies, films, film festivals, music, gaming, comedy, and more to our community. AND, she is the founder of North Bend Art and Industry. She is a constant source of advocacy for residents and businesses in North Bend. Please join us in congratulating her on being Citizen of the Year.”

Beth commented, “I am just a regular person out there doing what I can for the town I love. It was overwhelming to be thought worthy of such an award. Of course, I am very grateful to have been nominated.”

She added, “There are hundreds of people in the Valley who are volunteering what time they have for causes and organizations they believe in… In my mind the Citizen of the Year award was given to all of us who see a way to help and just pitch in and get it done.”

Congratulation, Beth!

Beth Burrows honored as North Bend Citizen of the Year on February 4, 2020. Pictured with Mayor Rob McFarland.

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