Judge says No to Snoqualmie Officer’s Request to carry gun while awaiting Trial

Snoqualmie Police Officer Nick Hogan, who was indicted in May on a federal charge of violating the civil rights of a man whom he pepper sprayed hoganwhile the man was restrained on a gurney at Harborview Medical Center in 2011, had his request to carry a firearm while awaiting trial denied.

The incident occurred while Hogan was working as a Tukwilla Police Officer.

According to The Seattle Times, a U.S. Magistrate “refused to restore Officer Nicholas Hogan’s right without a waiver of the law that bars indicted defendants from possessing firearms.”

New Snoqualmie Police Chief Jim Schaefer recently ordered Hogan off of paid administrative leave, which he was placed on in May, and to return to work, but Hogan cannot perform his duties without his firearm – and he cannot possess a firearm as an accused felon in federal court.

The Times said he petitioned the judge to let him carry the firearm because he might lose his job if he is unable to report for duty. Many in the community have commented on social media that Schaeffer’s order for Hogan to return to work is an attempt to remove him from the department.

This is the second time Hogan has been put on leave since joining the Snoqualmie Police Department in 2013. He was put administrative leave and then faced 20 days without pay earlier this year after an affair with a fellow officer’s wife.

In that incident, the City of Snoqualmie said Hogan’s actions did not warrant termination according to terms of his collective bargaining agreement.

Prior to being hired in Snoqualmie, Hogan was terminated by the City of Tukwila after it settled two lawsuits over claims of his use of excessive force.

According to the Associated Press, Officer Hogan is free while he awaits trial on August 8th.

Read the full Seattle Times story HERE.




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