Join the City of Snoqualmie’s Emergency Response Team for Ham Radio Communications 

If you are a ham radio operator or are interested in acquiring these skills, consider joining the Snoqualmie Emergency Communications and Support Team (SECAST).

SECAST members help protect property and lives and serve the people of Snoqualmie by making emergency operations as efficient and effective as possible. The mission of this highly mobile and motivated group of volunteers is to provide timely radio communications to the City’s emergency operations and mobile command support.

Membership Requirements

SECAST members will:

  • Complete required training – CPR/First Aid, Blood-Borne Pathogens, and Emergency Worker Orientation.
  • Possess a degree of availability for mission assignments.
  • Leave a 24-hour contact number with the Snoqualmie EOC.
  • Have the desire to provide services to the residents of Snoqualmie and beyond, if needed.
  • Be approved by the SECAST Team Leader and City of Snoqualmie representative.
  • Obtain an Amateur Radio License within one year.
  • Attend monthly meetings.
  • Maintain Washington Administrative Code (WAC) volunteer requirements.
  • Participate in required exercises and simulations.

 SECAST Activation and Response

The Director of Emergency Management or designee activates the SECAST team response, with individual members determining their availability and ability to respond.

SEACAST activities include natural disasters and other emergencies; assisting other emergency units as appropriate; and participating in community events and presentations. Practice exercises, simulated events, and other training exercises will be held throughout the year.

The Snoqualmie Department of Emergency Management is actively looking for SECAST team members. Email to learn more.

[Information provided by the City of Snoqualmie]

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