Join Snoqualmie Valley Women in Leadership’s (SVWL) Spring Connection Gathering, April 30

SVWL’s Connection Gatherings are designed to help local women in business and leadership roles build community and grow in their leadership journey.

The Spring Connection Gathering will be no different, with a deep focus on networking or what SVWL Founder Wendy Parslow describes as “professional relationship building.”

“Many people are turned off by the idea of networking or think of it as necessary but unpleasant,” Parslow notes. “At this Spring Connection Gathering, we’re going to reframe the concept of networking and focus on authentic, professional relationship building. We’ll have structured, thoughtfully planned activities to foster authentic connections and hear from local women who will share insights and perspectives on how they built their professional community that positively impacted their careers.”

Since its inception in January of 2023, Snoqualmie Valley Women in Leadership has inspired more than 200 women leaders in the Valley to connect, learn and be supported by each other. The group has a bi-monthly newsletter and offers events nearly every month of the year.

Snoqualmie resident Martha Segovia got connected with SVWL last Fall as she was looking for ways to connect with more people in the Valley. “Building and nurturing a community is so important to me. In the past, I was involved with employee resource groups at work, so I was excited to find something in my community. I’m inspired by the smart, talented, ambitious, and passionate women I’ve met so far.”

Whether you’re joining for the first time or you’ve made a couple of events, everyone is welcome to join on April 30th. Connection Gatherings are free to register for and attend. We include an option to contribute to the event along with your registration to help cover the cost of the event. Register here:  Spring Connection Gathering & Networking — Snoqualmie Valley Women in Leadership (

About Snoqualmie Valley Women in Leadership
Snoqualmie Valley Women in Leadership (SVWL) launched in January 2023 and serves women living in the Snoqualmie Valley who are in (or aspire to be in) positions of influence and leadership. The group helps women leaders connect, grow and be supported in their leadership journey through its local Connection Gatherings, book clubs, email newsletter and other events.

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