Job Openings at the City of Snoqualmie – Work for Parks and Public Works or Community Development

The City of Snoqualmie is currently recruiting for various positions in the Parks and Public Works and Planning departments.

Openings include a Project Engineer, a Senior Planner, a Lead Operator in Wastewater, and an Assistant Director of Maintenance and Operations. Visit the City of Snoqualmie website for a complete list of job openings. 

Project Engineer

The Project Engineer, who works in Parks and Public Works, assists in short and long-term planning, budget and project management, contract management and oversight, project development, mission quality assurance, and construction management and inspection. Position closes March 31. Learn more

Senior Planner

This role, housed in Community Development, supports planning projects and policy development, including preparation of the Comprehensive Plan, development regulations, sub-area plans, strategic plans, GMA (Growth Management Act), SEPA (State Environmental Policy Act), and SMA (Shoreline Management Act) compliance and administration. Position closes February 15. Learn more

Lead Operator Wastewater 

This Parks and Public Works role leads completion of skilled work in operating the City sewer and water reclamation treatment facilities, reuse water transmission, collection systems, and storm conveyance maintenance systems on an assigned shift. Position closes March 7. Learn more

Assistant Director of Maintenance and Operations

This position, which works in Parks and Public Works, is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing activities, work plans, programs, and personnel in managing and operating the City’s parks, streets, and utility systems that include water, sewer, and stormwater. Position closes March 23. Learn more

Full position descriptions can be found on For questions on specific job openings, contact Human Resources Assistant Kim Johnson at

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