Jingle Bells and Retail Sales: A Snoqualmie Valley Shopping Spree for My Sister’s Stocking

LAURIE! Stop reading this NOW!

For years, my family bought Christmas stocking presents. However, we ended up getting so carried away that nothing would fit in the stockings anymore, and it felt to me like we were buying double the presents.

While my mother and sister continued, I opted out at some point. This year, my sister and I decided to bring back the tradition, and I decided to buy all my stocking stuffers in the Snoqualmie Valley.

We didn’t put a price limit on the presents, but we did decide to limit the count to eight (ish) presents. Not having a ton of time, I went on a spree over three days to buy all my presents locally.

Having done an article on and purchased from the Keeper’s Collective in Snoqualmie, I knew I liked their lovely skincare products, so they were my first online stop. I decided to kill two birds with one stone, buy a Whipped Body Butter Trio to have two and give her one.  I mean…I don’t know if she likes it yet, right?

I chose the pack scented with Honey Citrus, Rose Gold and Sunflower Sandalwood and picked the Sandalwood for my sister. The luxurious body butter does wonders for my frequently ragged cuticles and chapped hands.

Next up, I attended the No Boat Holiday Market with a friend the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Here, I bought my sister a Snoqualmie Valley Candle Co. Washington Orchards scented candle in a glass jar and myself a Cascade Winter Forest scented three-wick candle in a wooden bowl. I also bought my husband a jar of Apple Pie Jam from McCormick Jam Co., based in Fall City, for his stocking. The sample I got was yummy!

Bringing my spree back to North Bend, I stopped by the North Bend Trading Co. After much browsing and chatting, I settled on Orenda’s Wildflower Honey from Carnation and peppermint lip balm from Carnation Soap Co.

Crossing the street, I stopped by Erika Laureano Designs jewelry shop and bought my sister a pair of Industrial Patina Metal green dangly earrings. I’ve had my eye on her coil rings for a LONG time, so I’ll have to stop back in when I have more time (and money!)

I wandered into Falling River Meats and discovered that when they say their corn dog is “Life-changing,” they aren’t kidding, and the day ended so I could go home and devour my treat in private. Just between you and me, I’ve had two more since and might possibly be addicted.

While munching my corndog, I went back online to Beth Vanden Heuvel’s Drawn to the PNW’s Etsy shop and picked up a Wildflower Greeting card 3-pack for my sister and a Bee sticker for myself. We already have three of her 11×17 Snoqualmie Valley Series pictures hanging in our house, so I thought my sister might enjoy her artwork, too.

Heading back to Downtown Snoqualmie, I stopped by Carousel Gift Shop. All decked out for Christmas, this was a dangerous place for me to go. If you know me, you know I LOVE Christmas and currently have five trees set up. However, I managed to contain myself and only bought a small bee ornament for myself and an angel ornament for my sister for our respective collections.

My last stop was the Snoqualmie Falls Gift Shop & Visitor Center. Here, I bought a Snoqualmie Falls coaster for my sister and yet another bee sticker for my computer. After my corndog mishap, I resisted the pastries with great effort and went home satisfied with my local shopping experience.

I felt a sense of community and anticipation as I finished my shopping spree. Each carefully chosen gift from the Snoqualmie Valley was a token of support for the local artisans. The return to our Christmas stocking tradition was more than just exchanging presents; it was a celebration of community spirit and a reminder of the true essence of holiday giving.

[Featured image angel ornament from Carousel Gift Shop in Snoqualmie]

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