Jay Leno learns at DirtFish Rally School in latest episode of TV series

Sometimes from my backyard I can hear the hum of engines across the Snoqualmie River at DirtFish – and I catch myself wondering who’s zooming around the property. A couple of months ago, it turns out is was someone famous… followed by booms and cameras.

Snoqualmie’s DirtFish Rally School recently attracted the attention of Jay Leno and was featured in his weekly CNBC show, Jay Leno’s Garage in an episode called Going the Distance which aired Thursday, September 20th.

Leno admitted he is not good at rally racing and described DirtFish as one of the top rally school’s in the country.

DirtFish instructor Nate Tennis joined Leno on a muddy day for a race around the property – that includes pavement, trails and, of course, lots of dirt – against YouTuber Matt Farah.

You can see the full episode – which offers great views of the old Mill Site where Dirt Fish operates –  HERE

Snoqulamie Mill Ventures purchased the old Snoqualmie Lumber Company Mill Site property in 2010 and created DirtFish “with the vision of becoming the nation’s premier rally school.”  According to its website, DirtFish “quickly evolved into the most prestigious professional rally school in North America, earning the reputation for performance driving, specialized training, education and all-out commitment to rally.”

DirtFish owners are in the process of turning a portion of the property (not the course) into phase I of a mixed-use industrial, commercial, office and residential development. The rally school, though, will continue to operate even as that phase is developed and built out.

Screenshot of Leno and Farah racing at DirtFish in the 9/20 episode of Jay Leno’s Garage.





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