It's That Time of Year, Bears are Waking Up

We received a couple reports of bear activity on Snoqualmie Ridge this week.  So if you don’t want your bears3:23:13garbage dragged into the woods, a huge mess left in the street, and for that bear culprit to remember your home for future late night/early morning feasts, it’s time to start taking those springtime “bear precautions.”

The two bear reports were from the Crestview area and Ridge Street area near the Community Park.  The report from West Crestview Loop happened around 1:30AM, Thursday, March 21, 2013.  The homeowner said he heard a loud crash and looked outside to see his garbage can on its side and can contents all over the street.

In an email the homeowner said, “Picking up trash at 1am, not quite sure where the bear went, has given me new reason to get bear proof cans.”

Important Garbage and Bear Reminders:

  • Bears have good memories – they tend to return if they get your garbage once
  • Put out garbage in the morning, right before your scheduled pick up
  • Bring garbage container in soon after collection
  • Keep garbage containers inside garage – bears will climb fences
  • Waste Management offers wildlife-proof cans for an additional $3/month
  • Bears like bird feeders and pet food – will climb fences for them

Last year, Snoqualmie Police requested that residents report bear sighting by calling 425-888-3333 or 9-1-1.  The were working with the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife to track local bear activity.

For more information on living with bears, visit the Fish and Wildlife website.


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