Is This Snoqualmie or Florida?

Have you stepped outside today?  If not make sure you do so you can tell all your friends what the muggiest day ever in Snoqualmie felt like.  For that matter, even what it smelled like.  Humidity does have its own scent – the smell of dampness I guess.

Today is a historic weather day for our area… going down as the most humid day on record.  This morning’s humidity level was 90%.  For the northwest, that’s  just plain crazy!

The cause is remnants of an Eastern Pacific Ocean typhoon that the weather jet stream is feeding right at us.  The weather guys at KOMO swear it will all be over tomorrow.  Then we get some overdue sunshine and warm weather…. and normal humidity levels.   I guess making up for the sub-par summer?

I said to my husband last night that I now realize why I couldn’t live in the south.  Who ever thought 75 degrees could make you so sticky and uncomfortable….

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