Is Summer Finally Arriving in the Snoqualmie Valley?

Mother nature finally felt sorry for us Pacific Northwesterners and decided to give us some sun.

We still have a chance of a few rain showers tonight, Sunday, and then changes begin to give us much dryer weather for the rest of the week into next weekend.

During the week, we’ll see high temps in the mid-’60s to low 70s, with lows in the mid-’50s. Then next weekend hits, and the high temps will rise dramatically to closer to normal.

As shown in the graph, the temps, starting Saturday, look to be the mid-70s to low 80s and possibly the mid-80s by Monday. After Monday, we’ll drop down to the low to mid 70s.

And rain we are all tired of will take a break. Not much in the forecast.

The long-range forecast into July shows the high temperatures in the low 70s with not a lot of rain in sight.

Has summer finally arrived? I’m not entirely convinced yet.

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