Investigators Say North Bend Intruder Intoxicated And High On Cocaine At Time of Fatal Shooting

The man who broke into a North Bend home and was subsequently shot to death was identified as Joshua Henderson by family members.  He was reportedly intoxicated and high on cocaine at the time of the incident, according to Interim King County Sheriff, Steve Strachan.

The scene unfolded around 11:40PM on Friday, March 30th, in the 300 block of SE 5th Street in North Bend.

Strachan explained, “The young man involved – the suspect – apparently was out drinking with some friends.  He was getting combative, getting loud and starting to get into fights with people. And at some point, they dropped him off.”

Henderson was alone on foot and began roaming the neighborhood and causing trouble.  He reportedly banged on walls and doors of North Bend homes, prompting residents to call sheriff’s deputies.

He then broke into one home by smashing a sliding glass door.  The homeowners hid in a locked bedroom and warned Henderson that they had a gun.  When he smashed through the bedroom door, the fatal shooting occurred.  The homeowner and girlfriend were uninjured.

Strachan said investigators are awaiting toxicology results, but had received information indicating the intruder had been drinking heavily and using cocaine earlier in the evening.


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