If You’re Sick of Snow, Do NOT Read this Forecast aka the Last Forecast of 2021

[Guest Post by North Bend resident Mark Davis]

Nothing like ending the year with another round of snow heading our way. 

There is a Winter Weather Advisory in effect from 1 AM to 7 PM Thursday.  We could see around 2” to 4” of snow by morning, then around 5” additional snow throughout the day on Thursday.

Are you ready for a break yet?

The temps will slowly start to rise throughout the weekend. There’s a chance of some rain on Saturday and Sunday, but I wouldn’t rule out seeing some snow during the nights and the early morning hours, but it won’t accumulate to much before the rain melts it.

Here’s a chart showing the temps slowly starting to rise back up.

As for a long-term forecast, there’s another chance of some snow next week and possibly an east wind event for us out here. I’ll keep an eye on both of those as we get closer to that.

Happy New year!!

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