Meadowbrook Way to get Honorary ‘Wildcat Way’ name, celebrating Mount Si High School

Mount Si High School ASB representatives worked throughout the summer to add the honorary name of 'Wildcat Way' to Meadowbrook Way, which runs in front of the newly rebuilt high school. Students told city … [Read more...]

Snoqualmie Valley History: Understanding Why Borden Avenue Leads to the YMCA

Did you know? Many street names on Snoqualmie Ridge have historical significance. Snoqualmie Valley Historian Dave Battey and the Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum share the connection of Snoqualmie's history … [Read more...]

Fiery bridge collapse leaves history lurking on the bottom of the Snoqualmie River

There's history all around the Snoqualmie Valley - and as it turns out, I walked right over it. That piece of history in the river caught my attention and prompted an inquiry to Valley Historian, … [Read more...]

North Bend’s Sunset Garage Building getting historic makeover, going back in time to its car roots

An iconic North bend building is going back to its roots and embracing history that dates back nearly a century. At the busy corner of North Bend Way and Bendigo Blvd stands the Sunset Garage, a building … [Read more...]

Santa Trains already selling out; near half-century Snoqualmie Valley holiday tradition starts November 25th

Newsflash: it's November already, which means the Halloween decorations come down and people start thinking about Thanksgiving and, of course, Christmas. In the Snoqualmie Valley that also means the Santa … [Read more...]

Foodie School: landmark building becomes first-of-its-kind Snoqualmie Valley business, Heirloom Cookshop

There's a lot happening inside one of the most iconic buildings in downtown Snoqualmie as a local business owner prepares to give the historic, turn-of-the-century former 'State Bank of Snoqualmie' new life.... … [Read more...]

After Nearly 100 Years, Historic Snoqualmie Valley Swenson Family Farm Sold

Today's Snoqualmie Ridge looks across the valley to a whole different, once thriving, Snoqualmie Ridge - across the river on the opposite hillside. This is where a lot of Snoqualmie's history … [Read more...]

Time Travel: Go Back to 1889 on the Northwest Railway Museum Train this 4th of July

This 4th of July, the Northwest Railway Museum gives train riders a chance to travel back in time to July 4th, 1889, commemorating the very first train that traveled from Seattle to Snoqualmie - 125 years … [Read more...]

The Story of Reinig Road’s Beautiful Sycamore Trees, History Worth Knowing

Every fall, one of my favorite Snoqualmie Valley roads is Reinig Road, which runs along the Snoqualmie River just over the Meadowbrook Bridge. For new residents, this is across the river from Mount Si High … [Read more...]

Understanding the Historical Significance of Snoqualmie's Orchard Avenue

Yes... I know what you are asking.  Where is Orchard Ave in Snoqualmie.  Answer?  In the Braeburn neighborhood, about half way down Snoqualmie Parkway.  Orchard.  Braeburn.  Get the apple connection?  … [Read more...]