Hiking Mt. Si Saturday? Bring a Bowl and Spoon, Local Hiker Part of Special Event Honoring 60-Year Anniversary of First Mt. Everest Summit

Now here’s something local hikers don’t usually experience while climbing nearly 4,000 feet to the summit of Mt. Si… someone on the trail handing out freebies, or cereal to be more specific.  But it’s happening tomorrow – and there’s a special reason behind that hiker handing out Grape Nuts.

This month marks 60 years since Sir Edmund Hillary became the first person to conquer Mt. Everest.  And here’s something you may not know, he did so with Grape Nuts in hand.  Heck, I didn’t even know Grape Nuts had been around for 60 years, but it has.

In June, to celebrate Hillary’s historic feat, Post Grape-Nuts is choosing and sending mountain climbers up 60 peaks across the country to distribute free Grape-Nuts Fit to fellow hikers they encounter en route.  Mt. Si was chosen as one of those 60 peaks.

Tomorrow, June 1, 2013, Northwest outdoor enthusiast, James Kurseman of Seattle, will hike Mt Si loaded with boxes of Grape-Nuts Fit. Fellow hikers and climbers who run into him on the mountain will end up with some “Summit Sampler” cereal.  Now that’s something new.

You can find out more about Kurseman on his local hiking blog at hikingnorthwest.com.

Who’s bringing a bowl, a spoon, and maybe some milk for a snack break at the top of Mt. Si?  Now that’s a meal with a view.

The Mountain and the Cowboy
Easter Weekend 2013. Top of Mt. Si looking south toward Mt. Rainer




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