Hey Snoqualmie! A Great (Wheel) Reason to Head to Seattle and Act Like a Tourist!

There’s a new reason for Puget Sound area locals to act like tourists right here at home:  a new, big shiny ride that takes you high in the sky and gives you amazing views of Seattle and the Puget Sound.

Seattle’s new “Great Wheel,” (huge ferris wheel) opens on the Seattle waterfront today, June 29th.  A ribbon-cutting ceremony happens around 2PM and the first rotation for paying customers should happen around 5PM.

Photo by Komo 4

The Great Wheel is the third of its size and kind in North America.  Similar wheels exist in Niagara Falls and Myrtle Beach.  Seattle’s Great Wheel is 175 feet tall and because it was placed so close to the end of Pier 57, it stretches about 40 feet over Elliott Bay.

Rides on one of the 42 gondolas will cost you $13, with discounted rates for kids, seniors and military.  That should get riders about three rotations over 15 minutes, with 6-8 riders per gondola.  There are also VIP gondolas on the Great Wheel – the Cadillac of ferris wheel riding.  A VIP ride costs $25 per person and gets you a longer ride with leather seats and a glass bottom, allowing riders to see straight down.

The weather may not have cooperated for the wheel’s opening day, but the views should still be amazing.  Only time will tell if the new attraction helps draw people to the waterfront during viaduct construction, but it sure is pretty – especially all lit up at night.

For more information on the Great Wheel and to purchase tickets visit seattlegreatwheel.com.

Seattle’s Great Wheel at night. Photo by Komo 4


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