Here We Go – Saturday Morning Soccer Games!!

Ready, set, go…. Saturday morning youth soccer games are here!

Today marks the start of our family’s fall tradition… multiple morning soccer games.  Two kids just downed  smoothies and tore out of the house with their father…. for one 9AM soccer game and another 10:30 game.  Luckily the games are a couple miles apart and we have friends to help coordinate transportation.

Today also is my first game heading coaching 16 wonderful 13 yr olds…. Go Shooting Stars!  Unfortunately, heading coaching means I miss my other kids’ games.  I will get to see a few games this season, though.

I guess you do the best you can…. you get them dressed, you feed them, you find missing shin guards and sweatshirts and get them out the door.  My famous last words this morning were… “play hard, have fun and score me a goal!”  My kids are awesome.  When I tell them that even though I can’t be there I will be thinking about them, they truly believe me.  And I will be thinking about them….

I can’t wait for the Saturday afternoon game recap….. Check back for U10 Lightening, U12 Trailblazer and U14 Shooting Stars game results….

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