Help a neighbor in need: Join the local Grocery Rescue Team

[Article by Tom Foot, Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank Operations Manager]

Founded on the belief that the health of our community is dependent on the well-being of those who live in it, the Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank was established with three guiding principles:

  1. To be a helpful, inclusive resource to all our neighbors.
  2. To be a safe place to receive food and other services.
  3. To treat all clients with respect and care.

In 2017, The Snoqualmie Valley Food Bank served almost 800,000 pounds of food to families during 14,319 household visits. As the 501(c)(3) charity celebrates its fifth year serving our neighbors across North Bend, Snoqualmie, Fall City and Preston, it is working hard to better serve the community.

In the past year, generous contributions from Snoqualmie Valley Rotary, King County, and the Boeing Employees Community Fund have enabled the food bank to purchase refrigerators and a refrigerated van, to improve the selection of fresh and frozen products available to its clients.

The food bank uses its van to distribute food at convenient sites across the community, and to recover food that would otherwise go to waste, seven days a week from eight different grocery stores.

In 2017, the food bank’s grocery rescue scheme made up an amazing 62% of all the food distributed; that’s between 50-70,000 pounds of food – including fresh produce, frozen protein, and dairy – every month. With every pound of food being worth over $1.50, you can imagine how much value this program generates!

The food bank is committed to continuing its journey of service and welcomes all community members to be a part of its “Community in Action.”

There are currently volunteer grocery rescue driver opportunities available most days of the week. Drivers should be able to lift up to 30 pounds (it’s great exercise!) and may need to use their own vehicle.

For more information and to join the team, please contact


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