Helicopter rescues injured hiker who spent night in wildnerness near Gold Lake

Another week and another helicopter rescue from the mountains by King County Search and Rescue personnel. This time, though, the injured hiker only spent one night in the mountains while waiting for help.

On Thursday, August 10, 2017, King County Guardian 2 helicopter hoisted an injured man to safety after he was hurt the previous afternoon from a fall near Gold Lake, north of Snoqualmie Pass.

King County Sheriff’s Office said just before 9:45AM on August 10th they received a call about an injured hiker from a man saying the previous day his 78-year old friend had fallen onto some rocks and was going in and out consciousness.

The pair had spent the night on the trail and then early this morning, the uninjured friend ran down the trail to his car and drove until he found someone with a phone who could call for help.

Guardian 2 located the man near Gold Lake just after 12PM. Other hikers were with the man waiting for rescuers to arrive.

Guardian 2 rescue personnel hoisted him to the helicopter and he was flown to Harborview for treatment.  He was said to be conscious and alert, reportedly suffering a minor head injury.


King County Guardian 2 personnel hoist injured hiker into helicopter near Gold Lake, 8/10/17.


Gold Lake, north of Snoqualmie Pass. Photo: Google Maps screenshot

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