Hearing Helicopters? Simulated Military Operation to Happen Near North Bend

This past May, nighttime military training at the Washington State Fire Training Academy (WSFTA), just east of North Bend, caught many in the Snoqualmie Valley off-guard as multiple low flying military helicopters created a lot of overnight noise.

This time around residents are getting plenty of warning.

Via press release the City of North Bend stated U.S. Army Special Operation Forces will conduct training, including the use of helicopters during a simulated military operation, from August 31, 2015 to September 3, 2015 at the Fire Training Academy (WSFTA), located off I-90 near Exit 38.

The city said this time most of the training will take place during daylight hours, though, and noise impact to area residents should be limited to only when helicopter hoist operations are conducted.

So if you see or hear helicopters (military ones can be loud) August 31st – September 3rd, it’s a four-day Army Special Forces training event.

Last May, WSFTA Commander Lt. Dan Atchinson said many times the helicopters heading to the Training Academy travel east to west over Snoqualmie Pass, but when they fly in west to east and over the I-90 corridor the noise is more noticeable to Valley residents.

There is no information as to what direction the helicopter will use this time. Like prior military training events, there is nowhere to view the activity and the WSFTA will be closed off.


fire training academy
Washington State Fire Training Academy east of North Bend. Photo: Facebook


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