Harmony in the Valley: The Mt. Si High School Musical Venture

In the heart of Snoqualmie Valley, the Mt. Si High School music department is abuzz with excitement and anticipation. Over 200 choir, band, and orchestra students are preparing for an exceptional journey to Southern California during the Spring Break of 2024.

To support this ambitious endeavor, they are hosting a Frozen movie sing-along event, a community gathering that promises to be more than just a fun-filled experience.

Mrs. Isaacs, the choir co-director, expresses, “We’re really excited for this trip. It will be fun, educational, and a memory that will last forever.” The plan for this trip is a blend of educational and recreational activities, including visits to a college, an exchange program with another high school, a performance by the LA Philharmonic, and the highlight for many, two days in Disneyland with an in-the-park performance.

The upcoming Frozen sing-along event is not just a fundraiser but a community and music celebration. The Booster organizations for both band and choir are teaming up for this event.  Gary Forman, VOICE Booster Co-President, highlights the significance of this event: “All proceeds will directly benefit the trip experience for each student. We have both afternoon and evening showings, complete with character photos, activities, and lots of singing.” This event is meticulously planned to coincide with local holiday and tree-lighting festivities, offering residents a full day of celebration and joy.

Ms. Woodbury, choir co-director, emphasizes the family-friendly nature of the event. “It’s going to be family-friendly. The weather is always great in the high school’s Performing Arts Center. Students and teachers will be leading songs during the movie, and who knows, maybe your favorite teacher will surprise you and be there?”

The Frozen sing-along is scheduled for December 2, 2023, at 1:30 pm and 7:00 pm. It is an opportunity for the Valley residents to unite, sing their hearts out, and support the local students’ musical journey. With the options for an afternoon or evening show, the event can accommodate everyone’s schedule, allowing the community to enjoy local holiday traditions and the sing-along on the same day.

Beyond the fun and music, the trip has a deeper educational purpose. The students will engage in workshops at some of California’s best collegiate music programs, participate in a unique recording session backstage at Disneyland, and perform in the park.

The Mt. Si High School Music Department, with its dedicated students and supportive community, is set to make this trip a truly memorable experience. The Frozen sing-along is more than just a prelude to this adventure; it’s a testament to the power of community, music, and shared dreams. As the event draws near, excitement and anticipation fill the air, not just for the sing-along but for the musical journey ahead for these aspiring young artists.

Additional information is available here on the Mt Si High School Choirs VOICE Booster webpage.

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