Happy New Year! Ingenious Tricks to Simplify your Home and Life in 2014

North Bend (now retired) handyman, Mike Williams, is what I would like to call a ‘contributing content consultant’ for Living Snoqualmie, as he is very helpful at sharing tips with me that he believes will make readers’ lives easier – and I in turn try to get those tips out.

Over the past few year, through many of my own household projects, Mike has taught me “fix-it” knowledge, as well as directing me toward  local contractors to help complete projects that went beyond his scope of expertise.  (Many of them now on the Local Contractors page.)

For 2014, Mike let me know about a list (89 Genius Solutions to Simple Problems) of very creative solutions for everyday problems – many of them are ingenious and very much worth sharing.

Tips Include:

  • Using a dustpan to fill buckets that won’t fit in sinkwrappingpapertrick
  • Using a rubber band to keep paint off the sides of cans
  • Toilet paper rolls to keep wrapping paper from unrolling
  • A swim noodle to keep kids from falling out of bed
  • Lunch baggies to clean moldy shower heads
  • Turn an old bottle into cord holder & charging station
  • Using seat warmer to keep pizza warm until home
  • And many, many more!

These are many great, simple solutions, in an easy-to-read format that includes a photo and a short narrative to help you use these tricks in your own home.

Seriously, had I known the toilet paper roll/wrapping paper trick, my Christmas wrapping might have been a bit simpler!

Happy 2014!  Read all 89 simple tricks HERE.



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