Hang on to Your Plants; Mother Nature isn’t Ready for Spring

The calendar says Spring, but mother nature doesn’t want us to get too far ahead.

We have a lot of rain, some wind for the lowlands and possibly up to two feet of snow for the cascade passes.

First, for our neck of the woods, the “lowlands.” Starting on Sunday, the rain and winds will begin to pick up by mid-day. 

We could get up to 3” of rain from Sunday through Tuesday.

The gusty winds will start to pick up late Sunday afternoon and should peak by about Monday late afternoon. 35 to 40 mph gusts are possible.

If you have any travel plans to drive over the cascades, be prepared for winter-type conditions.

Both Snoqualmie and Stevens pass could get up to 18” of snow starting on Sunday lasting through Monday night.

The 7-day forecast shows a chance of rain daily with daytime temps around the mid to upper 40s with lows in the upper 30s to low 40s.

I know many people want to get out and start planting, but the general rule of thumb out here is that if Mt. Si still has snow on it, don’t plant anything yet.

I took this photo this morning, and Mt.Si. had a new snow line from last night.  

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