Halloween Anyone? Night on a Dark Trail Holding Song Writing Contest with Cash Prize!

Night on a Dark Trail is gearing up for its third annual Snoqualmie Valley Halloween community event, incorporating local acting and musical talent (and nightondarktrailmultitudes of volunteers) for the 2013 interactive Halloween stroll down a haunted trail

Are you creative?  Is your child, friend, co-worker?  If so, here’s a chance to earn a little “fun money.” Night on a Dark Trail, is kicking things up a notch this year by holding a song writing contest for the event – along with a $150.00 cash prize for the winning entry, sponsored by Sno Falls Credit Union.  The contest is open to all ages until July 12, 2013.

Event coordinators are looking for original lyrics for a rap song entitled: The Mummy (W)rap

Music used may be existing or an original composition and be no more than 2 minutes long for the performance scene. It can be scary/funny – or just scary. It should tie in with the imagery of an ancient Egyptian Princess/Priestess tempting mummies out of their sarcophagi (coffins). Those mummies will sing the winning song and then “return” to their eternal resting place.

Participants are urged to think Halloween.  The material should be presentable to a general audience (i.e. classroom acceptable) so all ages can enjoy wandering down the dark trail this fall.

The winning entry will be announced at the Night on a Dark Trail booth during the North Bend Block Party on July 20, 2013. 

Entries can be submitted through the Night on a Dark Trail contact page at www.nightondarktrail.com.  If you have questions, contact Mark at 425-466-6158.

Night on a Dark Trail happens October 25th & 26th, 201,3 from 6:30PM – 9PM, on the trails of Snoqualmie Ridge.  Cast members will also perform skits during the Festival at Mt. Si and Railroad Days parades in August.

Now… start composing something spooky!  It’s now less than 4 months until Halloween.

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