Gothelf the right choice: offers solutions, never stops asking questions | Letter

Dear Editor:

Choices, we all have choices in this upcoming election cycle, and that’s what makes our democracy work. In North Bend, we are fortunate to have as one of our choices, Alan Gothelf.

I have not only had the pleasure of calling Alan my colleague but also my friend. As such, I have a unique opportunity to share with you some insight into someone I consider to be one of our most effective councilmembers.

Over the past several years, Alan has been a tireless leader on the North Bend city council.  Alan helped guide our city through some significant changes while remaining steadfast in his commitment to serve the citizens who have elected him. He has been one of the most fiscally conservative members of the council all the while keeping in mind that every dollar spent was a dollar earned by someone in this community.

In addition to his chairmanship of the finance committee, Alan has also been a dedicated leader for the city when it comes to public safety. He has been elected as the Chair of Eastside Fire and Rescue and has worked diligently to provide not only North Bend but a large segment of the Greater Eastside with some of the most professional and cost-effective fire services.

Alan has taken those leadership skills and put them to good use over the years helping to juggle the ever-increasing and burdensome state mandates on growth with our towns strong desire to retain its unique character and small-town charm.

I can tell you this , Alan’s passion and commitment to this job is unwavering. He never fails to offer solutions, never stops asking questions and never hesitates to seek expertise.

Please consider voting for my colleague and friend Alan Gothelf.

Jonathan Rosen
North Bend City Councilmember

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