Goodbye Halloween. Hello Christmas???

I was in the North Bend Ace Hardware looking for some last minute Halloween decorations on Friday.  They had about 4 left.  The thing I found most interesting was the middle aisles of the store were completely blocked off by large black tarps.  This is the area I usually find seasonal decorations.  Where I thought I could grab some orange lights to surprise my 8 yr old.  To my surprise behind the black tarps were tons of Christmas decorations – on October 29th.

Stop. Step back. Did I miss something?  I haven’t even taken down my Halloween decorations and they want me to buy Christmas decorations?  Did they forget about Thanksgiving?  I think I am a fairly organized person, but Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving is pushing it –  even for the craziest of all organized people.

As I look outside at the steady downpour I think about Thanksgiving first.  November around here means wind, rain – normal Fall weather.  I am not ready to skip forward to thoughts of snow and Christmas shopping.

Please don’t ask me to think about Christmas before Thanksgiving.  That just isn’t fair.  Once I  finish up the soccer season and cook a huge Turkey – then we can talk Christmas decorations.

In parting I will say only this… I am glad to be done with Halloween and get the candy out of my house.  But I am definitely not ready to skip Thanksgiving and move to Christmas.  Even if the stores tell me I should.

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