Georgia’s Bakery Honored by King County for Historic Building Restoration

On Thursday, September 24, 2015, Georgia’s Bakery owner, Steve Teodosiadis, will be honored by the King County Landmarks Commission with the John D. Spellman Historic Preservation Award for his restoration of the George’s Bakery building  in downtown North Bend.

After purchasing the bakery earlier this year, Steve removed the building’s Alpine facade and brought back the original 1940’s exterior – with a little bit of help from the Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum.

A whole bank of windows was discovered, the brick was restored, a new door was added, ceilings were raised – all to bring back the original charm of the historic building on North Bend Way.

The bakery was renamed ‘Georgia’s’ in honor of Steve’s wife, but the classic treats stayed and a few new menu items were added.

The awards ceremony will be held at the North Bend Theater on September 24th from 10AM – 12PM.  The public is welcome to attend.

 Congratulation Steve and Georgia’s Bakery!

Photo: George's Bakery Facebook page.
Old Alpine facade of George’s Bakery. Photo: George’s Bakery Facebook page.


Construction crews reveal George's Bakery original building, 1/7/15
Construction crews reveal George’s Bakery original building, 1/7/15


Renovated Georgia's Bakery.
Renovated Georgia’s Bakery.


Original bakery building from the 1940's. Photo: Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum
Original bakery building from the 1940’s. Photo: Snoqualmie Valley Historical Museum

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