Gas Leak Closes Part of North Bend Way through Downtown

Update | 11:30AM:  Business owner reports she is given the okay to return to her business, as leak was fixed.


As a precaution, some business in downtown North Bend were asked to close up shop until a gas leak was fixed, Tuesday, January 28, 2014.

Ellen Torchia, owner of Replicator Graphics in downtown North Bend, was asked to close her store around 10:45AM, due to a gas leak at Chang Thai Restaurant at 131 East North Bend Way.

North Bend Way was closed in both directions in the affected area. Torchia said North Bend Way from Main to Ballarat was closed when she left her business. Witnesses report police, fire and aid responded to the scene.

The situation took about an hour to rectify and business owners were allowed to re-enter their shops.


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