Snoqualmie Gap Winds Are Howling

It’s really here this time.  The first big valley wind event of fall.  Lovingly  referred to as “gap winds” by the weather forecasting community.

There is a pressure gradient difference in the atmosphere.  High pressure is inland and low pressure is offshore.  Seems mother nature likes to even  things out so air rushes from east to west – an effort to even out the atmospheric pressure.   When this happens the air is sucked through the mountain pass gaps creating increased wind speed for the towns down slope from those passes.  That would be North Bend, Snoqualmie, Enumclaw.

A wind advisory was issued for our area through 10AM this morning.  Seeing as the winds started last night and the advisory was not issued until this morning – I will go out on a limb and predict the winds will last longer.   The local weather forecasts don’t always report just how windy it actually is out here.  I usually check  Cliff Mass’s website for weather event news –  He is an atmospheric science professor at the University of Washington – and is very accurate without all the hype.

The sustained wind speed is currently around  20mph with Snoqualmie and North Bend reporting gusts of 30 – 40mph.   Hope you got your outdoor furniture to a safe spot and brought it your garbage cans from the curb if your pick up day was yesterday.  If not, they are probably gone!

On a positive note, those east winds are also giving us above normal fall temperatures.  Expect highs in the upper 60’s and not a drop of rain.  Yes, the wind is normal for November, but not the temperatures.  Try and enjoy the sunny, warm fall weather.

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