Front Porch Package Theft on Snoqualmie Ridge, Police Say Immediate Reporting Key

It is not uncommon for front porch package theft to rise during the holidays – with the prevalence of online shopping and deliveries that  occur while homeowners are at work, school, etc.doorstep packages

On Monday, December 8, 2014, the Snoqualmie Police Department [via Twitter] stated that there had been a theft of packages from the front porch of a Snoqualmie Ridge home.

They added that they were looking for a 1990’s green sedan with a broken rear window, covered with plastic. Residents were also asked to call 911 to report package thefts or seeing this vehicle.

On Saturday, December 13th, in a separate incident, a Snoqualmie resident reported witnessing a suspected package theft from her neighbor’s porch in the Cottonwood area of Snoqualmie Ridge around 1PM.

The resident said by the time she realized what had just happened, the car and her neighbor’s package were gone.

She commented that the male whom she believed took the package was wearing black basketball shorts and a gray hoodie pulled over his head. After removing the package, he got into a sedan (possible light-colored) driven by a female.

Report Suspected Thefts Directly, Immediately to Police

The City of Snoqualmie urges residents to call the Police Department at 425.888.3333 or  911 to report suspected thefts. Calling 911 would immediately send an officer to make a report of the incident – 24/7.

The city says the best was to reduce or stop crime in the timeliest manner is for citizens to directly call the Snoqualmie Police Department, no matter what time of the day.

Snoqualmie Police Captain Nick Almquist commented that without immediate notification of these types of porch thefts, the suspects are rarely caught.

Police also remind residents it is also imperative to lock packages in your vehicle’s trunk or out of sight while doing holiday shopping.

Some Ways to Avoid Front Porch Package Theft
  1. Have your packages delivered to a location where they can be personally received – like a neighbor or relative’s home or to your work.
  2. For online purchases, if the stores provides a scheduled delivery time, chose one when you are home.
  3. If available, use the online retailers’ delivery alerts to be notified when the package arrives at your home so you can immediately bring it inside – or ask a neighbor to grab it for you until you get home.
  4. Ask the delivery company to hold your package at their nearest pick-up facility.
  5. Request the shipper  require a signature confirmation for delivery – this forces UPS or FedEx to deliver only when someone is home to sign for the package.
  6. Give the delivery company instructions on where to place the package in order to keep it out of sight from the road or your front yard.




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