From Farm to Table: A Special Dinner with Dru Bru at Carnation Farms Celebrates Women in Brewing

Carnation Farms is excited to announce a special dinner event, done in partnership with Dru Bru, marking its first farm-to-table experience of 2024! This event invites everyone looking to celebrate the rich flavors of Washington State’s food and craft beer.

The dinner will showcase a 7-course meal, each thoughtfully paired with Dru Bru’s distinct craft beers. The menu emphasizes seasonal ingredients sourced directly from their farm and neighboring producers to highlight the essence of local agriculture.

This gathering is not just about savoring great food and beer; it’s a toast to the remarkable women in the culinary and brewing industries in honor of International Women’s Day.

They’ll raise their glasses to influential females in the food and fermented beverage sector, as well as members of the Pink Boots Society, an organization dedicated to supporting women in the brewing profession.

Please note that due to this event’s unique nature, they cannot provide gluten-free options. However, they are happy to offer non-alcoholic pairings upon request.

If you have any inquiries or specific needs, including requests for non-alcoholic options, feel free to contact Chef Kristen Schumacher.

Event Details:

  • When: March 23, 2024, from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM
  • Where: Carnation Farms, 28901 NE Carnation Farm Road, Carnation, WA, 98014
  • Cost: $175 (Gratuity Included)

If you are interested in joining Carnation Farms for this celebration of local agriculture and the achievements of women in the brewing industry, you can secure your spot by visiting their website or contacting Chef Kristen Schumacher for more information.

About Carnation Farms:

Carnation Farms is a community-based hub for regenerative food and agriculture that educates and empowers the work of culinary, food, and farming professionals. They aspire to help create a thriving regional food system that connects food producers to consumers around shared values of regenerative food, health, and equity.

To them, regenerative agriculture improves soil health, diversifies ecosystems, and recovers more resources than it removes. In practice, this means we keep their soil covered, plant multispecies cover crops, rotationally graze animals to increase fertility, and compost waste products while building community resilience.

Whenever you eat something with their name on it, you will know that they prioritize sustainable and local sourcing. Your purchase not only makes a statement that you love local food but that you also believe in its collective regenerative future.

For More Information, Tickets, and Contact:

Join Carnation Farms in celebrating the bond between local farming, craft brewing, and the remarkable women leading these fields.

[Featured image by Emily Keeney]

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