From failing pavement and buried tree stumps emerges the new, improved NE 12th Street in North Bend

A 12-week,  $1.4 million project to reconstruct a deteriorating half-mile section of NE 12th Street in North Bend is almost complete. For those who regularly use this stretch of road – its bad reputation should be a thing of the past.

The roller coaster pavement is gone, replaced by a widened, up-to-code roadway. Say hello to the new NE 12th. It’s like night and day. That dipping, hole-filled portion of road between Ballarat and Pickett is now about four to six feet wider; has thicker pavement; a new water main; new flood culverts; and new fire hydrants.

Things that were causing the issues – like old, rotting tree stumps way below the surface – were excavated during the process. NE 12th, which is the border between North Bend city limits and unincorporated King County, was originally constructed by the county before various storm water regulations were put in place. As a result, the road was prone to settling.

According to North Bend Public Works Director Rigos, road settlement over the past two years made NE 12th Street an increasing public safety concern. So last spring the city decided to focus this road project – one many residents were very vocal about – before undertaking the Park Street roundabout project near QFC.  [That project will most likely happen this summer.]

Deputy Public Works Director Tom Mohr said the project looks to be coming in at or possibly slightly below budget, but he was still waiting to run the final numbers.  He said the project went smoothly – noting that there weren’t too many surprises considering this was once an old logging road.

Mayor Hearing commented, “The completion of the NE 12th Street reconstruction project has been a long time coming. This road is a major thoroughfare in North Bend and the new road was designed with the safety and mobility of our citizens in mind. We are very excited to
celebrate this momentous occasion.”

The community is invited to a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, October 31st near the Nursery at Mount Si at 3PM. NE 12th is expected to reopen later that day.


New NE 12th Street is wider and now up to current code. It opens on 10/

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