Friday Morning Giggles: Lori's Top Ten To-Do List For Snoqualmie As We Wait (And Wait) For Summer

Guest blogger, Lori Riffe, takes a funny crack at Snoqualmie’s gloomy June (summer?) weather with this top ten list.  Thanks for the smile Lori!

Top Ten Things to do in Snoqualmie in June:

  1. Take winter clothes back out of storage.
  2. Sit by the fireplace wrapped in a blanket with a good book.
  3. Make s’mores in the microwave.
  4. Plan fake vacations to tropical places on Expedia
  5. Complain about the weather repeatedly on Facebook.
  6. Drive 50 minutes east on I-90, get out of your car, and stand in the sun.
  7. Protest the gloom by wearing jeans, puffy coat, and flip flops.
  8. Go see a movie.
  9. Make your kids run through the sprinkler the second the sun comes out, even if it’s only 55 degrees.
  10. Tell people summer starts on July 5th, but secretly know this may not be the case.

Happy Summer!

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