Focus on Safety: District implements enhanced security systems at all schools, tracks visitors on campus

This week the Snoqualmie Valley School District announced it had installed enhanced security systems at all of its schools, including implementing a new Visitor Management System.

Per SVSD’s announcement, “As part of the District’s continual focus on improving the safety and security of students, staff and visitors, enhanced security systems were installed in all Snoqualmie Valley schools last year. These enhancements were funded by the bond proposition approved by the community in 2015.”

The Visitor Management System improves the identification and tracking of visitors on school grounds. The district says the system also gives more controlled access throughout buildings when used in combination with newly installed electronic door locks. It will also aid in quickly identifying all building occupants [at any given time] during an emergency situation.

New Check-in Procedures Launch September 11th

Beginning on Monday, September 11, 2017 all visitors must enter schools through the front office and go through a check-in procedure where their driver’s license or other government-issued photo identification will be scanned at a kiosk. During the check-in, visitors will also be asked to provide some brief information.

Once cleared to enter the building, visitors will be issued a badge to wear while on the premises. Upon exiting, visitors should also “check out” of the building by re-scanning their badge in the front office.

The district stated if a visitor does not have a government-issued ID, he/she will be asked to wait in the office until a staff member is available to escort him/her into the building. School secretaries will also be available to train visitors and answer questions as the new security procedures are implemented.

High School Student Check-in 

Mount Si High School released specific information for students regarding the new procedures, as the large school has many full-time Running Start students who are [technically] considered not-enrolled at Mount Si. The school says having students on campus who cannot be accounted for in a classroom is an issue in the event of a campus emergency and/or evacuation.

Per the school: “If students are not enrolled in classes at Mount Si, they are not allowed to be on campus during the school day (including lunch) unless they have a scheduled appointment. This includes Running Start students and students who have a late arrival or early release schedule. Students visiting the campus for an appointment must also follow the visitor procedures.”

Running Start students do not have to check-in, though, if they are on campus for an event like an assembly.

One SVSD building secretary said parents are happy with the new safety procedures.


New check-in kiosk at Cascade View Elementary School.


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