First Primary Results tallied for North Bend, Snoqualmie mayor, council positions and hospital commissioner race

As of 8PM, August 6, 2019, King County Elections had tallied the first batch of August 6th primary ballots for four local races. Approximately 19% of ballots were returned in North Bend and 18% in Snoqualmie. Countywide, about 21% ballots had been returned so far.

KC Elections will continue to tally more ballots and update results for the next two weeks and election will be certified on on August 20th.

Summer primaries typically have a low voter turnout. Here are the initial primary election results for North Bend city council and mayoral races, one Snoqualmie council primary seat and one hospital district commissioner position.

Hospital District Commissioner Position 2

  • Dariel Norris 39.01 %
  • Tim Noonan 26.33 %
  • Gene Pollard 33.56 %

North Bend City Council Position 7

  • Mary Miller 51.68%
  • Kristin Tetuán 19.28%
  • Darren Glazier 28.80%

North Bend Mayor

  • Rob McFarland 70.62%
  • Travis Bridgman 6.97%
  • Rich Wiltshire 21.84 %

Snoqualmie City Council Position 2

  • Katherine Ross 50.04%
  • Anna Sotelo 17.33%
  • Elaine Armstrong 32.27%

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