Fireworks in Snoqualmie Valley – The Legal Breakdown!

It’s that time of year.  Fireworks went on sale last Thursday, June 28th at noon and already the sound of them echos throughout the valley – especially at night.  Pets are are scared and hiding.

If you are curious about what fireworks are legal or illegal and when you can legal set off the fireworks you purchased, we’ve got the breakdown for you.  Please be safe.  Even legal fireworks send people to the emergency room every year.  Most importantly, and for those unfamiliar with North Bend, Snoqualmie and unincorporated King County municipal codes,  it is NOT legal to set off your purchased fireworks until July 4th.

Snoqualmie’s code is a little tighter on the time frame for lighting your fireworks.  North Bend and unincorporated King County areas can legally begin discharging fireworks at 9AM on the 4th.  In the City of Snoqualmie it is not legal until 6PM on July 4th.

Fireworks in Snoqualmie

Fireworks may be discharged only on July 4th from 6PM to 11PM.  The fine for possession or discharge of fireworks outside legal dates is a civil infraction and fine of $124.00.

No one may possess or discharge any fireworks in any public parks at any time. By state law, fireworks sales are limited to people age 16 and over. Sellers must require proof of age with a driver’s license or photo identification card issued by a school or government.

Fireworks Devices: Only legal devices may be used. Ensure you are using legal fireworks by purchasing them from state-licensed stands. Fire crackers, bottle rockets, missiles, rockets and other types of fireworks are legal on tribal lands become illegal when possessed and discharged off tribal lands.

Enforcement and Protection: The Snoqualmie Police Department will have extra officers on duty on July 4th for the protection of the community. Please dial 9-1-1 to request assistance or in case of emergency.

Fireworks in the City of North Bend – Including Unincorporated Areas of King County

  • Only common fireworks are legal for sale to the public.
  • It is unlawful to sell fireworks to any persons under the age of 16 years. The seller shall require proof of age by means of display of a Washington State driver’s license or photo identification card issued by the Washington State Department of Licensing. No other forms of identification shall be accepted.
  • The sale of any fireworks prior to 12:00PM on June 28th or after 11:00PM on July 4th of each year is prohibited, except where otherwise provided in this chapter.
  • The possession, use or discharge of any fireworks are prohibited at all times, except between 9:00AM and 12:00PM on July 4th each year.

Eastside Fire & Rescue and fire departments throughout the State encourage everyone to take a few precautions during this Fourth of July. The safest way to celebrate this year is to attend local fireworks displays.

Legal Fireworks in Washington State

RCW 70.77.136 “Consumer fireworks” means any small firework device designed to produce visible effects by construction, chemical composition, and labeling regulations of the United States consumer product safety commission, as set forth in 16 C.F.R. Parts 1500 and 1507 and including some small devices designed to produce audible effects, such as whistling devices, ground devices containing 50 mg or less of explosive materials, and aerial devices containing 130 mg or less of explosive materials and classified as fireworks UN0336 by the United States department of transportation at 49 C.F.R. Sec. 172.101 as of June 13, 2002, and not including fused set pieces containing components which together exceed 50 mg of salute powder.

Sparklers, Flitter Sparkler, Cone Fountain, Mine/Shell Smoke Device, Wheels, Cakes (up to 500 Grams) Aerial Spinners, Ground Spinners, Helicopters, Cylindrical Fountain, Illuminating Torch, Roman Candle and Reloadable Mortars (up to 1 3/4)

Illegal fireworks in Washington State

Smoke 1.4G Fireworks that are legal to sell on Tribal Land cannot be discharged or taken off Tribal Land.

Illegal explosive devices in Washington State

M-80’s and larger, dynamite and any improvised homemade devices. Persons in possession or using illegal explosives devices can be charged with a felony.

M-80, M-150, M-200, M-500, M-600, M-1000, M-1300, M-3500.  Tennis Ball Bombs, Sparkler Bombs and other homemade or altered fireworks.

For more information on legal and illegal 4th of July fireworks click HERE.

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