Fire Blotter | Vehicle plunges 40ft into river; cement slurry; motorcycle vs. elk; shower won’t turn off

Here are some of the calls the Snoqualmie Fire Department responded to during the past two weeks:

July 12th

At 9:52 am Snoqualmie Firefighters and Police responded to a concrete slurry spill on SR202 near the Snoqualmie River. Because of the makeup of the material, it was considered an environmental threat and classified as a hazardous material. Firefighters assisted by keeping the slurry from hardening, and containing the spill area. Slurry was shoveled into buckets and the area was isolated until a cleaning crew from Snoqualmie Public Works could arrive to handle the remaining product.

At 2:24pm firefighters responded to a 48-year-old woman who collapsed after tripping over a curb. Patient denied any injury, but needed assistance up. Firefighters confirmed non-injury and provided courtesy transport to the North Bend Library.

At 9:31pm firefighters called to a neighbor report of a fire alarm sounding inside of a residence. No signs of fire, just chirping in a vacant house. Unit arrived to find no signs of fire or active alarm but did notice the low battery chirp. House was vacant with a notice on the door advising of a power disconnection effective 7/11. Firefighters contacted the caller and advised that because there were no signs of fire or active alarm, no entry would be made. Caller advised they would contact the ROA and work contact the homeowner.


July 13th

At 5:06am Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a reported shower that wouldn’t turn off. Homeowner advised that the handle broke off and was unable to be secured as she didn’t know where the main shutoff was. Unit arrived, secured the water and advised caller to contact a repair company.


July 16th

At 12:31 am Snoqualmie Firefighters dispatched as a second engine company to a fully involved tractor-trailer fire on westbound I-90. Unit arrived and provided water to the company fighting the fire.


July 18th

At 12:41pm Snoqualmie Firefighters and other Eastside units dispatched to Snoqualmie Pass for a reported vehicle fire. Initial reports were of a full-sized pickup towing a trailer, fully involved. Snoqualmie Firefighters were first to arrive to a 50% involved pickup truck that had been disconnected from the trailer, and positioned on the right side of the road. All occupants were out of the vehicle. Firefighters extinguished the fire within five minutes and the scene was turned over to Washington State Patrol.

At 4:26pm Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to Douglas St for a reported brush fire near the PSE Substation. Caller was unable to provide any additional details other than it was really smoky. Unit arrived to find a small, 5’x5′ grass and bark fire burning close to the roadway. No obvious signs of cause, and slow-moving flames. Firefighters extinguished the fire and applied liberal amounts of water. Investigation determined the fire was likely due to the recent dry streak and high temperatures, not by human interaction.

At 10:07pm Snoqualmie Firefighters dispatched to a reported motorcycle vs. elk accident near Meadowbrook Farm. Snoqualmie Police Department advised that the rider was refusing treatment but still wanted an evaluation. Unit performed patient evaluation and cleared debris from the scene. The elk was not visible. Firefighters assisted in loading the motorcycle into a friend’s truck.


July 19th

At 4:22am Snoqualmie Firefighters and Police responded to a smoke detector going off with no signs of fire. Homeowner stated she was having remodel work done and believed it could be working dust but was concerned and wanted the house checked. Firefighters arrived to find no signs of fire or smoke and no alarm sounding. After interviewing the homeowner, it was determined that the sound was likely a battery chirp and she needed to check all smoke detectors.


July 21st

At 12:42pm Snoqualmie Firefighters dispatched to a 2-car motor vehicle accident on SR 18 at the westbound I-90 ramp. One patient was back-boarded and had a neck collar placed. Patient was transported to Swedish Medical Center in Issaquah.


July 22nd

At 12:49am Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a report of smoke in a Ridge neighborhood area. Firefighters found a small outdoor recreational fire pit. Homeowner had put the fire out before unit arrival.


July 23rd

At 6:40pm Snoqualmie Firefighters and other Eastside  units responded to a vehicle in the river on SE Middle Fork Rd. Reports were the vehicle had heavy damage and the driver was sitting out on the river bank with an apparent injured dog. Firefighters arrived to find another unit providing care for a 19-year-old male who stated he remembered the accident but was unsure if he was ejected out of the car or climbed out. The vehicle had heavy damage and was located 40 feet down an embankment in the river. Dog appeared to be uninjured. Firefighters provided patient care and transferred him to Overlake Hospital.


July 24th

At 6:40pm Snoqualmie Firefighters called to the Ridge area for a reported CO alarm sounding with the homeowner complaining of a headache. Unit arrived to find the homeowner outside with no signs or symptoms of illness. Firefighters walked the structure after the homeowner advised that it was just one alarm that was chirping. Firefighters found no signs of CO or any combustible mixture inside the house. Cause of the alarm appeared to be a malfunctioning detector and homeowner was advised to replace the unit.

At 3:44pm Snoqualmie Firefighters called for a reported swimmer in the river who dislocated his shoulder while playing in the water. Upon arrival, patient stated that he dislocated his shoulder and needed help to get out of the river. Firefighters assisted the patient to dry land where he refused care. Unit gave a courtesy transport of patient and his friend back to the take-out in
Fall City where their car was. No patient care was necessary.


July 25th

At 4:30pm Snoqualmie Firefighters assisted Eastside Fire & Rescue in extinguishing a 100 x 100-foot grass fire in North Bend.

At 7:08pm Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a 3-car motor vehicle accident on Snoqualmie-North Bend Road with no injuries. All persons involved refused treatment. Scene left in Snoqualmie Police control.

At 7:23 pm Snoqualmie Firefighters dispatched to an oven fire. Unit arrived on scene with nothing showing and during investigation determined fire in the oven was out. Homeowner advised she was cooking dinner when oven began to malfunction. Firefighters were unable to open the oven door as it was locked and wouldn’t open until oven cooled down. Using a thermal imaging camera, firefighters checked the kitchen walls for possible fire extension with nothing found. Homeowner advised to let the oven cool down and call a service technician.


[In addition to the above calls, Snoqualmie EMTs responded to 3 medical aid incidents bringing the total number of calls to date to 548.]

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