Fire Blotter | Two semi rollovers on SR 18; burnt food sends crews to Gianfranco’s roof; accidental gas line fracture

October 10th

Around 8:15AM Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched to a report of smoke from the roof of Gianfranco’s restaurant. On arrival, firefighters observed light smoke from the roof vent. No smoke was visible inside the restaurant. Crews noticed a smell of burnt food coming from the roof vent. Firefighters accessed the restaurant, checked the oven and found it on with smoke and burnt food inside. Food was taken outside and extinguished and kitchen ventilated due to smoke from the open oven. No damage to structure or interior furnishings. Scene turned over to the owner.

October 12th

At 9:50AM Snoqualmie Firefighters assisted other units with a single semi truck rollover on Highway 18. Crews assisted with fluid control and absorption.

Around 10:45AM Snoqualmie Firefighters were called to assist with a patient at the Kidney Center. The patient was transported to Swedish Issaquah.

October 13th

Around 3:30AM Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a 2-car motor vehicle accident on Allman Ave SE. Approximate collision speed was 45 mph. Both of the cars were still on all four wheels and on the roadway. Crews evaluated 3 patients, with two occupants refusing treatment and one in Police Department custody. The scene left with Police Department.

October 14th

Around 2:45PM Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a fire alarm at a Ridge business. The false alarm was caused by construction dust.

Around 4:30PM Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched to a fire alarm at the Hampton Inn. The alarm was set off by steam from a bathroom.

October 16th

Around 1AM Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a semi rollover on Highway 18 at 104th Street. The driver was not injured and had self-extricated. He had a dog the crews restrained until the driver could take over. The driver stayed with Washington State Patrol.

October 17th

Around 6:40PM Snoqualmie Firefighters assisted another Eastside unit with a woman who was experiencing a diabetic situation. Patient was left at the scene in care of the family.

October 21st

Around 12:30AM Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a 50-year-old woman who called 911 stating she had a rapid heart rate. Crews evaluated the patient and discovered that she had not been taking her medications as prescribed by her doctor. Plans were made for her to get her proper medication in the morning.

Around 10AM Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched to the Union 76 gas station for a fire alarm. Crews discovered the alarm was being worked on by a technician who had inadvertently set it off.

October 22nd

Around 4:30PM Snoqualmie Firefighters assisted other Eastside units with a 3-vehicle accident on eastbound I-90. One patient was transported to Overlake Hospital for observation.

October 23rd

Around 4:20PM Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched for a natural gas line fracture. PSE had already been notified. Firefighters arrived on scene and contacted the homeowner who stated he was using a ditch digging machine. He had PSE come out earlier and locate his gas lines when he
apparently came too close to one of the lines and struck it. PSE arrived on scene quickly and secured the leak.

Around 10:20PM Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a fire alarm at the Snoqualmie Ridge Self Storage. On arrival alarm was sounding from Building B but no obvious signs of fire or smoke. Firefighters investigated then reset the alarm system.

[In addition to the above calls, Snoqualmie EMTs responded to 11 medical aid incidents bringing the total number of calls to date of 997 for 2019.]

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