Fire Blotter | smoldering stump; arson at the park; burnt bread; furnace filter over use

September 12th

Around 12:45pm, Snoqualmie Firefighters assisted another unit with extinguishing a smoldering stump near Snoqualmie Pass.

September 13th

Around 2:40am, Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched with other Eastside units to a two-car motor vehicle accident on eastbound I-90. Snoqualmie Firefighters assisted with patient packaging and traffic control.

September 14th

Around 11:20am, Snoqualmie Firefighters were called out by the Snoqualmie Police Department to the men’s bathroom at Azalea Park. Upon arrival, crews found the interior of the bathroom very soot-filled with what appeared to be the toilet paper roll and dispenser on the floor ignited. The women’s bathroom had burn marks around the toilet paper dispenser as well. Crews determined that the fire was out and called for the King County Sheriff’s Office investigator, who determined it as arson.

September 15th

Around 4:30am, Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a residence on 80th Street for unauthorized burning. The homeowner was told that he cannot burn garbage, cabinets or blinds.

September 16th

Around 8:20am, Snoqualmie Firefighters and multiple other units were dispatched to a fire alarm at Mount Si High School. Upon arrival, they found bells/strobes activated and the school evacuated. They located a maintenance worker and found that the water alarm system had activated due to a water pressure change from a nearby water tanker filling from a school hydrant. The alarm was reset.

Around 8:45am, Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a burst water pipe in a residential street with minor flooding. The Snoqualmie Public Works Department was notified, and they secured water flow at two separate foot valves. The pipe will be marked by blue paint on the street for future reference.

September 17th

At around 11:35pm, Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a phone-in report of a possible furnace problem at the Fairway Lane Townhomes. The homeowner stated she had an electrical problem the day before. Now her furnace was rattling loudly and she wasn’t sure what to do. Firefighters investigated the situation and found that the furnace filter hadn’t been replaced in several years. The crew removed the filter and advised the homeowner to get her system serviced.

September 20th

Around 3:10pm, Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched to a report of a vehicle fire on southbound Highway 18 at milepost 24. Upon arrival, they discovered that the fire was out, extinguished by passerby in another vehicle with portable extinguishers. The scene was taken over by Washington State Patrol.

September 21st

Around 12:50pm, Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a fire alarm at Subway sandwich shop. The alarm was set off by burnt bread in the toaster – no fire.

September 23rd

Around 8:00pm, Snoqualmie Firefighters received an email notification of a possible arson fire that occurred on September 21st at Azalea Park, the same location as the September 14th fire that was ruled arson by the King County Sheriff’s Office. No Snoqualmie Fire Units responded to this incident prior to cleanup by the Parks Department staff. Snoqualmie Police Department arrived and performed an initial investigation. An investigator from the King County Sheriff’s Office was also notified.

September 25th

Around 9:50am, Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched to HO Watersports for an accidental alarm beam detector activation. Firefighters assisted with system reset.

Around 5:20pm, Snoqualmie Firefighters assisted other units already on scene for a Fall City residence garage fire. The fire was caused by an electrical problem possibly extending to the garage attic. Snoqualmie Firefighters assigned with the primary search, fire control, and checking inside the residence.

[In addition to the above calls, Snoqualmie EMTs responded to 22 medical aid incidents bringing the total number of calls to date of 898 for 2019.]

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