Fire Blotter | river rescue; semi vs car at Tiger Mt. summit; propane left on; ruptured irrigation line causing severe damage

April 30th

Around 9AM Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a 67-year-old man who had fallen two days prior and was experiencing severe back pain. The patient was examined, and was driven to the local hospital by wife.

May 1st

At 2:50 pm Snoqualmie Firefighters and other units responded to a semi-truck and passenger vehicle collision on SR 18 at the Tiger Summit. Crews assisted with traffic control, and one injured participant whose hands were bleeding. The injured person was treated and released at the scene.

Around 3:30PM Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a medical alert alarm for a possible fall patient. It was determined to be a false alarm activation.

May 2nd

Around 2:20PM Snoqualmie Firefighters were summoned to a residence where a 55-year-old male was experiencing extreme dizziness and had fallen twice. The patient was examined and transported to Overlake Hospital.

May 3rd

Around 1PM Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a call from a 35-year-old female who had fallen down her stairs and sustained an ankle injury. She was treated and then transported to local hospital.

May 4th

At 9:20AM Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a multi-family dwelling fire alarm. Alarm had been inadvertently set off by technicians working on the system.

Around 11:30AM Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to the same multi-family dwelling as earlier for an activated firer alarm. Accidental alarm activation.

May 6th

Around 3PM Snoqualmie Firefighters were requested to assist with a river rescue. The victim was stuck on a sand bar. Crews assisted with downstream safety and rescue by inflatable kayak. The individual was removed safely, was brought to shore and did not require and medical aid.

At 10:10PM Snoqualmie Firefighters assisted a 46-year old female experiencing back problems and a loss of consciousness. She was transported to Overlake Hospital.

May 8th

Around 12:30AM Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a report of a homeowner experiencing a natural gas smell inside his home. Firefighters checked inside the residence with a gas detection monitor, as well as outside the residence. It was determined the homeowner’s outdoor propane BBQ was not properly turned off and was leaking propane. The gas was shut off, and the homeowner was advised to call 911 if the smell persists.

Around 8:30AM Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched to a report of a broken water main on the side of the road near the T-Mobile Office complex in the Snoqualmie Ridge Business Park. The caller stated that water was gushing out of the ground and flowing down Douglas St. Crews arrived to find what appeared to be grey-water or sewage flowing from the flower bed near a ground transformer. Significant damage was occurring to the sidewalk and landscaping nearby. Firefighters contacted Snoqualmie Public Works and advised it was likely an irrigation line that had ruptured and they would need to shut down the pumps in the system. Public Works secured the line, while firefighters assisted with locating the section valve and cleaning the sidewalk area. The situation was deemed non-emergent with no risk to the public after the water was secured. The scene turned over to Snoqualmie Public Works.

May 9th

Around 9AM Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a 27-year-old male concussion call. The patient had fallen the day before and was experiencing confusion and difficulty speaking. He was transported to Swedish Hospital in Issaquah.

Around 1PM Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a two-vehicle, low-speed accident on SE Fall City-Snoqualmie Road. No injuries were reported.

At 5:45PM Snoqualmie Firefighters assisted a citizen locked in a Ridge business after hours.

May 12th

Around 8:45AM Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to an activated fire alarm at the old IGA store. On arrival crews found an alarm technician on scene working on the system. He thought the system was in tes,t not fire or smoke mode.

[In addition to the above calls, Snoqualmie EMTs responded to 7 medical aid incidents bringing the total number of calls to 367 for 2020.]

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