Fire Blotter | Nurse locked in medication room; 3-year old pulls alarm, evacuates golf club; time to replace dishwasher

November 21st

Around 5:10PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a fire alarm at the Goddard School. On arrival there were no signs of fire, but the alarm panel showed a pulled station in room #9. Upon inspection of that room, the pulled station was open and out of service. Crew repaired the station, reset the alarm and spoke with the building manager about the issue.

November 22nd

Around 4PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched to a report of the smell of natural gas in the area. Caller stated he walked by the building’s gas meter and smelled what he thought was natural gas. He then went and got another person to confirm what he smelled, and they called 911.

Firefighters arrived and investigated the area, and found no smell of natural gas and nothing registered on the gas detection meter. Spoke with the caller and they stated the smell was now gone. They were told to call if the smell came back.

Around 4:50PM Snoqualmie Firefighters were called to a motor vehicle accident on the casino roundabout on North Bend Way. Crews provided basic care and transported a 36-year-old female patient complaining of back pain to the nearest hospital.

November 24th

Around 6:50PM. Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched to a nurse locked in the medication room of the local hospital. Occupant was in no distress, and the building maintenance supervisor communicated to firefighters that he did not want the crew to get the nurse out – – that he would oversee getting him out. The supervisor did not want firefighters to damage anything.

November 29th

Around 9AM Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a fire alarm at the Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club. Crews determined it was a pull station activation by a 3-year-old. The facility was evacuated, system restored and occupants were free to go in.

November 30th

Around 9:50PM Snoqualmie Firefighters assisted Echo Glen Children’s Center staff in shutting off the sprinkler system after residents in the facility broke a sprinkler head.

December 2nd

Around 7:40AM Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched to a possible appliance fire. On arrival crews were met by the homeowner who stated her dishwasher had a funny smell and would not turn on. No fire was found, but a burnt odor was detected from inside the unit. Water and power were secured to the dishwasher and the homeowner was advised to replace or repair the unit.

Around 5PM Snoqualmie Firefighters assisted a 60-year-old female off the ground after she slipped and fell. Patient had recent hip surgery and was unable to move herself.

[In addition to the above calls, Snoqualmie EMTs responded to 14 medical aid incidents bringing the total number of calls to date of 1128 for 2019.]

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