Fire Blotter | House fire causes over $600,000 in damage; not fire, likely mist from Snoqualmie Falls; another SR 18 accident

Here are a few of the calls the Snoqualmie Fire Department responded to around the Snoqualmie Valley during June.

June 6th

At around 11:35PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters responded with other units to a reported fire in a home that was under construction from a previous fire last August. Callers advised that the home was unoccupied and that there was heavy smoke and fire coming from multiple locations, including the detached garage.

Additional callers said hey could see the fire from Fall City in the lower valley. The unit arrived to find a large fire that provided imminent threat to houses on both sides of the structure. One home was beginning to catch fire at the edge of the roof. Firefighters immediately established protection lines to the neighboring houses. The Snoqualmie Police Department advised that both neighboring homes had been evacuated and the builder and homeowner of the burning unit had been contacted. Due to the nature of the home being under construction, no crews were permitted to enter the structure. The entire first and second floors were burned away, leaving a shell of a structure. The crews worked for three more hours before the fire was declared under control.

Firefighters provided a fire watch overnight with hoselines in place. Both the garage and the house were a total loss with damage estimated at $621,000. Each of the neighboring homes received in excess of $10,000 in damage. King County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the fire.

June 13th

At around 9:05AM, Snoqualmie Firefighters assisted a fall patient who is well known to the Fire Department. The patient had slipped out of bed and needed assistance getting back to her feet. Firefighters provided a lift assist and left the patient with aftercare instructions.

At around 11:05PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters investigated reported smoke near the Echo Glen Children’s Center. The caller said they thought they saw smoke coming up in the distance near the property but they weren’t sure. Firefighters investigated and observed no odor or signs of fire and determined it was most likely mist coming up from Snoqualmie Falls.

June 15th

At around 5:30AM, Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched to a residential fire alarm. It was determined the alarm was set off by a faulty detector.

At around 2:20PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters investigated a smell of natural gas in a residence. The caller reported a slight odor of gas, but was unable to locate any cause. The inspection noted that the furnace and stove had not been used and the gas meter was not spinning. PSE was contacted to investigate.

At around 2:55PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters assisted a patient who was unable to get out of her car. The patient had no other medical issues.

June 16th

At around 2:10PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched to bushes in the Snoqualmie Parkway median that were smoking. Crews sprayed water on the smoke and ensured that there were no hot spots.

At around 5:45PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters assisted a disabled woman at the lower Snoqualmie Falls parking lot to her car parked at the upper falls lot.

At around 10:40PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters were called by the Police Department to provide access to a retail store on Center Street to investigate an alarm.

June 18th

At around 8:00PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters assisted other units with a brush fire in North Bend. Firefighters assisted with hoses and scratched a containment line around the fire. The crew also participated in salvage and overhaul operations.

At around 9:30PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters and other units were dispatched for a reported smell of natural gas on Azalea Way. Crews were unable to locate the odor.

June 19th

At around 2:25AM, Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to an activated fire alarm at Bartell Drugs. Upon arrival, there were no signs of fire the alarm was no longer sounding. Firefighters called the store contact and left a message informing them of the issue.

At around 7:10PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters responded with other units to a reported two-vehicle accident on Highway 18. Washington State Patrol was on scene and reported that there were passengers trapped inside the cars. All patients were extracted and two of them were transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. One patient was treated and released at the scene.

June 21st

At 7:01PM Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a possible car fire on SR18.
They arrived to find a 1998 Jeep Cherokee with no visible fire and light smoke. Crew determined it was an overheated/burned up rear differential producing heat and light smoke. Firefighters cooled the differential with a
pressurized water can. Vehicle was off the road, not blocking and owner called a tow service.

June 23rd

At 2:38PM Snoqualmie Firefighters investigated an illegal burn near Raines St. Crews found a 3×3 foot burn pile that was about to go out. Firefighters informed the home owner of the no burn policy.

June 25th

At 7:50AM Snoqualmie Firefighters dispatched to a commercial fire alarm off Center Street. On arrival, alarm panel showed a smoke detector problem. The business was closed and no issue could be noticed through the window. Crews did not have keys to make entry and the alarm would not reset from the panel. Property Manager was called, and he said he would notify the alarm company for repair.

At 2:38PM Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to reported smoke coming from a truck at the westbound off-ramp of exit 22 on I-90. Crews found a Dodge Ram truck towing a travel trailer. Light smoke was coming from the open hood and fire extinguishing agent was already on the ground. Crews
used water to cool the engine so it could be towed. The driver said he believed the problem was in the transmission.

[In addition to the above calls, Snoqualmie EMTs responded to 18 medical aid incidents bringing the total number of calls to date of 570 for 2019.]

Firefighters on scene of a June 6th house fire in Snoqualmie.

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