Fire Blotter | Gassy Bank; Indoor bike accident; False alarm for the tribe

Here are a few calls the Snoqualmie Fire Department responded to this past week.

November 6th

At 8:20 am Snoqualmie Firefighters dispatched to a smell of natural gas in the Key Bank building on the Ridge. On arrival found the building evacuated, and the manager of the bank stated they had a strong smell of gas when they opened the building. Gas meter was deployed and nothing detected. The adjacent dry cleaners were also checked as they have been a cause of smell in the building before and nothing found. PSE arrived on scene and checked both units as well – nothing abnormal found. Bank employees were allowed back in the unit.

November 8th

At 3:43 pm Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a 74-year-old female having difficulty breathing. The patient was found on the sofa in the living room breathing very quickly. During the evaluation, the patient breathing returned to normal. The patient’s daughter took her to the hospital for further evaluation.

At 10:07 pm Snoqualmie Firefighters dispatched to a fire alarm at the Snoqualmie Tribe offices. On arrival bells and strobes were activated. Panel showed smoke in a beam detector. Onsite security arrived on scene and pulled plans for the building. Security stated construction is ongoing and
new alarms were being placed. Fire alarm reset.

November 9th

At 9:50 am Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a report of a 22-year-old having a seizure. Patient has a long history of seizure activity. During examination, patient went into another seizure. He was then transported to Harborview Medical Center.

Later at 10:35pm Snoqualmie Firefighters dispatched to an accident at the YMCA. 57-year-old female was on an exercise bike, took her hands off the handlebars and fell backwards, striking her head on the hardwood floor. Patient was examined while lying on the floor and soon stated she was feeling better. Asked to stand up but was still shaky. Crew attempted to convince patient to go to the ER, but she refused and went home.

November 10th

At 8:44 am Snoqualmie Firefighters dispatched to a 67-year-old male with health concerns. Wife states he is not acting normally, has been falling asleep sitting up and has audible wheezing. Patient was being treated for cancer and had a treatment the previous day which may be the cause. Patient was transported to Swedish Hospital in Issaquah.

Later at 11:10 am Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to the Snoqualmie Ridge Medical Center for a 61-year-old female who had fainted while at work. Patient was awake and alert at when firefighters arrived. She was evaluated and cleared to be left without transportation to the hospital.

Then at 4:01 am Snoqualmie Firefighters dispatched to a report of a 50-year-old experiencing dizziness. Patient stated she “just felt off,” unable to walk or stand normally without assistance. A friend witnessed similar behavior earlier in the day. Patient was examined and transported to
Snoqualmie Valley Hospital by her friend.

[In addition to the above calls, Snoqualmie EMTs responded to 8 medical aid incidents bringing the total number of calls to 873 for 2020.]

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