Fire Blotter | baby locked in car at golf club; spinout accident on I-90 off-ramp; panic attack after car accident

May 9th

Around 10:55am, Snoqualmie Firefighters and numerous other units were dispatched to westbound I-90 for a report of a growing brush fire along the road. The Snoqualmie unit arrived first to the scene and found no fire. All units were cancelled.

Around 9:45pm, Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched to an accident on Highway 18 involving a car and a motorcycle. Upon arrival, firefighters discovered that the motorcyclist had left the scene. Someone driving by the scene of the accident had given him a ride to the hospital for a suspected broken arm.

May 10th

Around 5PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched to a fire alarm at Timber Ridge Elementary School. Two units were assigned to this incident and upon arrival found no obvious signs of fire. Crews conducted a search of the school and determined it was a false alarm.

May 11th

At around 8:45AM, Snoqualmie Firefighters and multiple other units were dispatched to eastbound I-90 for a four-car motor vehicle accident. Only two of the drivers had injuries, all minor, and they both refused evaluation or treatment.

Around 4:50PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a fire alarm at the Salish Lodge. The crew discovered that workers soldering an AC pipe ignited some insulation and caused smoke. Maintenance crews were evacuating the smoke at the time of arrival and the maintenance supervisor reset the alarm.

Around 7:30PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched to the Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club parking lot where a baby was locked in a car. The crews arrived with SQPD and performed a lock out. The baby was not injured.

Around 10:15PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a brush fire on the shoulder of Highway 18. The firefighters quickly extinguished the fire.

May 13th

Around 3:25PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters and other units were dispatched for a reported single vehicle accident on westbound I-90 near the Snoqualmie Parkway exit ramp. Initial reports pointed to a medical emergency causing the incident. The car was found spun out backwards, resting on the shoulder of the off-ramp with minor damage. The driver said she was experiencing low blood sugar and momentarily became disoriented. Firefighters determined that she did not need further care so she left with Washington State Patrol for follow-up.

May 14th 

Around 8:40AM, Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a reported trip and fall of a 69-year-old woman. The patient was outside her residence when firefighters arrived. She said she was not injured and that she had just tripped over a root, but due to a previous hip surgery she was unable to easily get up. Firefighters helped her to her feet and conducted a medical evaluation. She had minor scratches from falling into the bushes but did not want any treatment so firefighters escorted her home.

May 15th

Around 11:00AM, Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched to a medical assist requested by the King County Sheriff’s Office. Firefighters conducted a medical evaluation of the patient and left them in the custody of KCSO.

May 17th 

Around 4:25PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched to a minor two-vehicle accident just outside of the North Bend outlet mall. Both vehicles had front end damage and airbags deployed. When the crews arrived, they found the driver of the first car sitting in the passenger seat of the second car. She was not injured, but she was having a mild panic attack. Crews were able to calm her, and she called a friend to come pick her up. The patient was left with instructions to call 911 if she experienced any more anxiety.

May 19th

Around 4:15AM, Snoqualmie Firefighters assisted a 50-year-old man who had fallen out of his hospital bed. The patient was not injured.

Around 6:15PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a car accident on westbound I-90. The unit tried to evaluate the driver, but due to a language barrier the assessment was difficult. The patient was eventually transported to Snoqualmie Hospital for a more thorough medical evaluation.

May 21st

Around 1AM, Snoqualmie Firefighters were dispatched to a single-vehicle accident. Snoqualmie Police called for a medical evaluation of a 40-year-old female. The patient’s only complaint was face pain from the airbag and she refused further evaluation or transport to the hospital.

May 22nd

Around 3PM, Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to the Better Way SE business area for an assistance call. An 83-year-old male needed help getting to his feet after tripping on the curb. The patient left on his own after declining further care or evaluation.

[In addition to the above calls, Snoqualmie EMTs responded to 22 medical aid incidents bringing the total number of calls to date of 447 for 2019.]

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