Fire Blotter | A bad trip; asleep with a powdery substance; silent false alarm

Here are a few calls the Snoqualmie Fire Department responded to this past week.

September 17th
At 12:35 pm, Snoqualmie Firefighters responded with other units to a reported single vehicle rollover with injuries on eastbound I-90. The vehicle was a rolled-over box truck off the road. Firefighters assisted with moving equipment and setting up road barriers. The patient was transported to
Overlake Hospital.

September 18th
At 5:20 pm, Snoqualmie Firefighters dispatched to a reported fire alarm at the Snoqualmie Self Storage called in by the alarm company. The unit arrived to find nothing showing from the exterior. A walkthrough of the building showed no signs of fire or activated alarm head. The system was reset.

September 19th
At 12:58 am, Snoqualmie Firefighters dispatched to a cardiac arrest call at the Salish Lodge. The patient’s wife called in hysterical, stating her husband was not breathing. Hotel staff arrived at the room and was attempting CPR.
Firefighters found the patient unresponsive but had a pulse and was breathing irregularly. The patient’s wife admitted to them both taking LSD around 9 pm.

He complained of not feeling well, then slid to the floor from the bed and became unresponsive. He was transported to the local
emergency room.

Later at 1:49 pm, Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a single-vehicle accident in unincorporated King County. The vehicle had rolled over onto its right side. Mother with two children as passengers. The driver was turning when the wheel caught the right soft shoulder and rolled the vehicle. The mother and children were examined –they had no injuries and were left with Washington State Patrol.

September 20th
At 1:16 pm Snoqualmie Firefighters responded to a two-vehicle accident. The driver of the hit vehicle was complaining of foot and neck pain. The patient stated her vehicle was hit from behind by a vehicle going “pretty fast.” Airbags were not deployed. The patient was examined and refused further

September 21st
At 3:24 pm, Snoqualmie Firefighters were called by the Police Department for an evaluation of a 34-year-old female found asleep with a white, powdery substance in her lap. The crew took vitals and examined the patient with no issues. The patient was left in the custody of the Police Department.

September 22nd
At 6:39 am, Snoqualmie Firefighters dispatched to a motor vehicle accident on westbound I-90 involving a semi-truck and passenger vehicle. One patient was transported to Swedish Hospital in Issaquah for a precautionary assessment.

September 23rd
At 11:13 am, Snoqualmie Firefighters received a phone call at the station of a possible soot/smoke stain on the side of a residence. Firefighters investigated and found a smoke stain on the siding from a pellet stove from previous use. The owner was advised to have the stove cleaned before using again.

Later at 1:15 pm, Snoqualmie Firefighters responded with other units to a fire alarm at the Sno-King Hockey Arena, called in by the alarm company covering the elevator machine room. Firefighters arrived to find contractors onsite still performing construction with no obvious signs
of fire. The crew contacted facilities personnel and found that the building had transmitted an alarm but did not activate any bells/strobes. The facility management was completely unaware, and the alarm system showed normal. Management advised they would call a technician.

[In addition to the above calls, Snoqualmie EMTs responded to 10 medical aid incidents bringing the total number of calls to 751 for 2020.]

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