Final work on North Bend’s Park Street roundabout project begins June 1st

Late last week the City of North Bend announced that finishing work on the Park Street Roundabout would happen the week of June 1st.

According to a news release, final pavement work, striping, and installation of light poles is anticipated to begin Monday, June 1st. The work will occur overnight, from 7PM to 7AM through June 4th, but is weather dependent.

Final lane striping is planned for later in the month – during the week of June 22nd.  

The city said this final paving will produce pavement lifting, which will address existing pavement transitions and the standing water that occurs during heavy rains.

The upcoming work will make North Bend’s newest roundabout 95% complete. The removal of existing power poles and the under-grounding of existing overhead utilities will complete the project that began in June 2019.

The roundabout project had experienced delays due to weather and COVID-19. Anyone with questions about the project can contact Mark Rigos, Public Works Director, at

North Bend roundabout in November 2019

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