Finaghty's Celebrates 5 Years in Snoqualmie; Brings in Three Nights of Live Music to Celebrate

finapalooza502/06Five years are a milestone for small businesses.  Ask their owners. Snoqualmie Irish Pub, Finaghty’s, has ridden the wave of boom and recession in the Snoqualmie Valley and successfully come out on the other end.

To celebrate that 5 year marker, they are continuing their “Finapalooza” tradition of featuring great local music to blow out 5 candles on their birthday cake.

Finapalooza 5 starts tomorrow, February 7th and runs through Saturday, February 9th.  Each night features multiple live musical acts, including local talent.

Owner Phil Stafford provided information on one local connection and the back story on a couple of the acts performing this weekend.  Remember, these are just a couple of examples of the great music happening locally this weekend.

For a full lineup and description of the bands playing Finapalooza 5, tickets, and time of performances visit Finaghty’s website.

To The Glorious Lonely

GloriousLonelySnoqualmie resident and Everclear guitarist, Davey French, has a side project with the band To The Glorious Lonely who are performing on Saturday, February 9th.

Phil says, “This band [To The Glorious Lonely] features several nationally known musicians who are very famous in their own right. We are lucky to have them performing at Finapalooza since their shows are very rare.”

Community members may also know Davey from his guitar teaching business in historic Snoqualmie, as well as his work with Big Star Studios where he teaches the Rock Band class to local kids.

Randy Hansen

Performing Friday night is a legendary guitarist and musician, Randy Hansen. His resume is long and impressive.  Late last year Randy was touring in Germany and over the years has done many national tours.

Phil commented, “We are very lucky to have him be a part of our show since he typically only does large venue shows.”

Congratulations Finaghty’s – and best of luck on another fun Finapalooza!

Here’s the line up and nightly ticket prices:

Thursday February 7th – $5

  • Rane Stone
  • The Bomb Squad

Friday, February 8th – $12Fins502/06

  • Fox & The Law
  • The Fabulous Johnsons
  • Randy Hansen

Saturday February 9th – $18

  • Keith Scott
  • Ben Union
  • To The Glorious Lonely
  • The Hipsters

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