Suspicious Fatal Morning Fire Strikes North Bend Area Home – Now Being Treated As Homicide Scene

4/23 Update:  If you are looking for current info on the investigation visit the latest Living Snoqualmie story.

6:20PM Update:  King County Sheriff’s Spokesperson, Cindi West, says they recently found the missing car in North Bend.  It was unoccupied.

1PM Update:  King County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson, Cindi West, said investigators found gas cans still full of gasoline when they entered the home after the fire was put out, along with a couch that was used to barricade the door.  That couch made it difficult for fire fighters to enter the home.  West also said there is a car missing from the home –  possibly a 2003 blue-gray Toyota Corolla with Washington license plate 911-YWK.  Anyone who sees the car is asked to report it to the King County Sheriff’s Office.  The fire is considered suspicious and the home is being treated as a homicide scene as investigators search it for evidence – utilizing a bomb disposal robot to clear the burned home.

 12PM Update:   A King County Bomb Disposal Team has been called to the scene according to Cindi West of the King County Sheriff’s Office.

Eastside Fire and Rescue is working to put out a fire near North Bend.  Chief Lee Soptich reported the fire occurred in a single-family residence in the 47200 block of SE 159th.  The fire began in the home’s attic.

Fire crews were dispatched to the scene at 8:45AM after getting reports of smoke and flames coming from the home.  They arrived on the scene and discovered two fatalities in the home.  Eastside Fire and Rescue took a defensive attack to work the fire – meaning they stayed outside to prevent the fire from spreading to other buildings and surroundings.  At 9:20AM they were still working to put out the fire, which was still primarily burning in the attic according to Soptich.

The victims are said to be both female, one in her 20’s, the other no older than 30.  A next door neighbor says he believes a family of three occupies the home – a husband, wife and daughter.  The neighbor reported the family has lived in the neighborhood longer than the 10 years his family has been there.

King County Sheriff’s Office was called to the scene.   Arson investigators are also there.  This does not mean the fire was arson, just that detectives will determine if it was.

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