Falls Little League Aldarra Baseball Fields Burglarized

Hard to believe it, but sometime in the past three days some burglarized Falls Little League’s storage shed at Aldarra Baseball Fields located at 30800 SE Redmond-Fall City Rd, Fall City.  The storage shed is located on the Highway 202/Fall City-Redmond Road side of the little league facility.   A newer model John Deere riding mower / tractor was stolen from the locked shed along with the league’s PA system.

With the little league season quickly approaching, this expensive mower/tractor is vital to the maintenance of Aldarra Fields.  Aldarra is heavily used by Falls Little League late winter through summer.  The fields are maintained solely by volunteers and coaches.  The John Deere mower is used not only for mowing the fields, but also to drag the two infields between games.  It is also used to transport heavy baseball and field equipment.   This is a big loss for Falls Little League.

Falls Little League representatives ask if you saw people/vehicles on the Aldarra Field property between February 1st – February 3rd or see anyone with a newly acquired John Deere riding mower please call 425-765-1241 and report it.

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